Go Sage Yourself!

As far back as the Egyptian and Roman eras, sage was believed to have healing properties. It was the Native Americans who started lighting it up and got smoky for energetic and spiritual purposes. 

Saging, or what we call "smudging" can be done to a space or yourself. Whether you're going through a turbulent or emotional time, or you just have the sense that you need to wipe your slate clean, light up a sage bundle and give yourself and your space a good thorough smudgin'.

When was the last time you saged yourself? Here's a step by step guide to gettin' smoky!

1. Preparation:

It's important to clean your space. Take 10 minutes and put everything in order and in its place. Make the bed, unload the dishwasher, fold the laundry, etc. After the space is neat, open up all your windows. 

2. Materials:

Gather up your "smudge stick" or sage bundle and some fire (matches or a lighter). You might also use a bowl or tray to help catch the ashes. 

3. Light it Up:

Light the end of your sage bundle and once it catches fire, blow it out. You might need to give it another little blow or two until it smokes up like incense. 

4. Ritual

Walk around the house waving the sage bundle in all areas, especially focusing on corners or hard to reach places where energy can get stuck. As you walk through each room, identify silently or verbally all that you are casting out of the space. Take all the time you need doing this, there's no rush. 

5. Sage Yourself:

I would suggest finishing up by giving the front door to your space from the outside a good smudgin' and then sage yourself! 

This ritual need not take long, maybe 5 - 15min depending on your speed. :) 

So go ahead, light it up and go smudge yourself!