Did you know STONEPEOPLE is a family run company? 

Yes, yes we know, never mix business with family but we've been getting STONED together for decades now and decided if we haven't strangled each other at this point, well we probably could make this work. (Fingers crossed!)

Meet Lex - Creative Genius + Founder. She is the voice behind the microphone in all our meditations, the creator of all our kits + sacks, as well as connecting with all of you who want to talk ROCKS. Lex has been teaching yoga, meditation + philosophy for over a decade. 

Meet Mama Cathy - Finance + Account Management. Cathy's primary job is to make sure every T is crossed and I is dotted while Lex is busy getting STONED. (Someone's got to do it!) Cathy was a high-powered executive in corporate America for 30 years. Recently having retired from the daily grind, she jumped on board with STONEPEEPs to spend her golden years getting STONED with her daughter. 

Meet Sista Sara - Creative Director. Sara is Lex's "Soul" Sista who is the talent and brilliant mind behind our design + art direction. Sara is an Assistant Creative Director of some fancy agency up in the Bay Area, but we've gotten her STONED enough to where she has no choice but stay with her STONEPEEPS down here in Enci. 

Meet Uncle Stuart - Marketing Director. Well, Stuart isn't really anyone's "uncle" by blood necessarily, but an adoptive family member now for over a decade. Stuart spent his professional life 

You may wonder with this wide ranging background in our team, how is it that we actually have anything in common? Easy. We like to get STONED. It's our one common denominator. And we promise, you will too!