Baby BOWL - Pink


You know the saying, “It takes a whole village to raise a child?” Well here at STONEPEOPLE we believe the more peeps you have loving and supporting the little ones (and their mama’s) the better.

This Baby BOWL was created as a simple ritual to help Mama and Baby know that they are not alone in this – and in fact, they have a tribe behind them!  

Pass the BOWL around the baby shower, birthday or party and allow all the guests to take a turn to grab a crystal, hold it in their hand and speak a wish, commitment or offering to Mama and/or Baby. Then place the blessed crystal back into the BOWL and pass it to the next tribe member to do the same.

At the end, Mama can place the BOWL in the nursery as a reminder that love + support are only a  STONE’s throw away!

Contents: White Onyx Bowl, 10 Pink Mangano Calcite Stones + Ritual Card

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