FRESH: New Year Ritual

$160 $200

Rituals have been traditionally used to honor beginning and endings, and we hope you're prepared to wake up January 1st FRESH for 2020. That's why we're bringing you our New Year Ritual Kit packed full of the goods needed to get your year started out right. 

We've recorded your ritual as guided meditation and uploaded it to the USB in your kit so it'll help you perform your FRESH ritual without any stress. Just plug in, press play and let us help you wrap up last year and start 2020 feeling FRESH and at your very best.

Here's the goods in your FRESH Ritual Kit: 

  • Clear Quartz, Pyrite + Smoky Quartz
  • Guided Meditation Ritual Recording
  • 11oz Fig + Almond Candle and STONEPEEPS Matches
  • Onyx Bowl
  • Sage Bundle
  • Frankincense Water Spray
  • Japanese Premium Aloeswood Incense 
  • Mantra Card
  • Blessing Card

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