HEART: Healing Ritual


This ritual kit is everything you need from your stones to the sage to perform a HEART Healing Ritual. 

Rituals and ceremonies are about as ancient as the Stone Age and have been used by every culture as a way to remember what is important, celebrate beginnings and honor the flow of life, which we all know includes hearts breaks of all kinds. 

When your heart is broken we realize the last thing anyone needs is complications, so we've recorded the ritual as a guided meditation. All you need to do is press play, follow along and you'll be well on your way to healing your heart. 

Here's the goods in your HEART Ritual Kit: 

  • Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz Heart + Emerald Crystals
  • Guided Meditation Ritual Recording
  • 11oz Rose Oud Candle + Matches
  • Onyx Heart Bowl
  • Sage Bundle
  • Rose Water Spray
  • Japanese Premium Aloeswood Incense 
  • Mantra Card
  • Blessing Card

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