HOLIDAZE : Chill Ritual

Need a little alone time? The holiday to-do lists got you frantic and depleted? Are you DAZED + confused? We're serving up CHILL pills to help you ease into the good vibes of the HOLIDAZE.
Our HOLIDAZE Ritual brings the metaphorical cave to you so you can tune out the hustle and bustle of the season and tune into yourself. 
Take 7 minutes for yourself and CHILL with your STONEPEEPS.
HOLIDAZE Ritual Kit Contents:


  • Selenite Rose: Not only does it remind us of a snowball but this stone holds the energy of the season - JOY!
  • 2 Rose Quartz Hearts
  • CHILL Travel Candle (Mahagony Vanilla) + Matches
  • Mantra Card: Link to your downloadable 7 minute CHILL meditation

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