Silence: The Chill Ritual Kit


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to feel blissed out, peaceful, calm, centered and optimistic when no one is bothering you! Yes, if only we could all retreat to our Stone Age caves, shut out everyone and everything to have just a moment of SILENCE with ourselves.

Our SILENCE Kit is packed with everything you need to take a break from the drama of life and get “properly meditated” with your STONEPEEPS.

We promise our meditations + crystal will not only get you STONED but also totally blissed out…no mind-altering substance required!

Your SILENCE Kit Includes:

  • CHILL Travel Candle + Matches
  • Celestite Crystal
  • Mantra Card: Link to download your two guided meditations
Sanity Insurance (AM Meditation)
Can’t We All Just Get Along (Buddhist Meditation)

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